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Selling some old manga!

I have a ton of manga and books lying around, and so I thought maybe they have a chance at finding a new home! To start, here are some manga I am trying to sell:

All prices are in US$.

English manga:
Ouran High School Host Club Vol 1-9 $3 each, $25 for the whole set
La Corda d'Oro Vol 1 3-4 (I'm not sure where vol 2 went :/) $3 each
Legal Drug Vol 1-3 (complete) $3 each
Rurouni Kenshin Vol 1-3 + Vol 1-2 (received them as gifts after I had bought my own) $3 each
Death Note Vol 2, 3, 9 $3 each
Hikaru no Go Vol 1 $3
Peacemaker Kurogane Vol 1 $3
Time Guardian Vol 1 $3
Cafe Kichijouji Vol 3  $5

Japanese manga:
Dohran Vol 1-4 (complete, I believe it got cancelled before the story could end) $3 each, $10 for the whole set
Bus Gamer, The Pilot Edition $8
D.Gray-Man Vol 12  $3
Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei Vol 1 $3
Haigakura Vol 1 $3
Darker Than Black Vol 1-2 $3 each

The conditions of some of these books are good and I assure you that none were handled roughly and that the only reason some aren't in the best shape is because the pages have yellowed over time (I've had these for about 8 years). I would be happy to take more pictures if you'd like to see the condition of specific volumes. *Cafe Kichijouji and all Japanese volumes are in excellent condition. Every promotional flyers (including belts and jackets) are still intact with the Japanese volumes, nothing has been taken out.

Collapse )

I am currently stationed in Malaysia, so shipping will cost a bit. So far, I have calculated that it will be US$10 per pound (lbs.) to the United States, and the cost might vary if you are in a different country. Please message me with the books you're interested in and I can calculate an estimate (I might even give you a discount if you buy a lot!).
Another option (for US residents) is to let me know what books you like, make the payment, and I can send the books once I'm back in the US in September.

Please contact me through here if you have any questions!

PS: I also have some clothes that I am selling at this website If interested, you can either contact me through there, or through here. Thanks!
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Hello to those who follow me, kinda sorta maybe not! Haha. I haven't been here in a while. Am probably not gonna blog for the most part, but I'm using this account to participate in other groups. :) But in case you were curious, I'm still as weird as ever.
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Old class, new class

Monday, October 5

"Alright, my name is Kawano. This is classroom 201. I am the teacher for this classroom. You are students of this classroom from October... 5... (writes on whiteboard) till... (write write write) October 9. :3"

"There will be a Shuffle Test on... (write write) Tuesday, October 13, and this test will determine your level; hence, the class will be shuffled. You may or may not still belong to classroom 201 after that test. Does everyone understand? Good. ^_^"

Class on this day shocked me when I realised that we were going to be taught Beginner Japanese which I've learned three years ago. But being informed of the Shuffle Test, I had hope yet.

Tuesday, October 6 & Wednesday, October 7

As I went through the lessons, I found that some were slow at understanding, while some tried their best to catch up. And some seemed to appear to know more than the teachers, answering questions like it was nothing and shouldn't be bothered with. (These sort of people annoy me sometimes.) It felt like a very mixed class, with some students clueless and some bored out of their minds. I was politely engaged into the lessons, even though I've learned them. To me, it was like a revision, and this gave me ample time to focus on my own studies: kanji.

Friday, October 9

"Ruzanna-san... The Shuffle Test has kanji. :o"

So Kawano-sensei told me. I could feel my heart breaking inside my chest then. But I also felt it try its best to hold itself together. I've been studying my kanji. Hopefully, I can do this. At the very least, I would know some basics.

Tuesday, October 13

Test day. Test came in three parts; kanji questions came out in the first part, while Parts Two and Three were grammar and reading. If you think that the test was too hard, you could leave. I sat through it till the end. Thought I actually managed. I did my best at least, and I answered the questions as I knew them.

Wednesday, October 14 a.k.a TODAY

I felt normal as I rode the train. After all, I'm just going to school, as I've done for the past week. As I walked from the station to school though, walking pass the morning session students on their way home, I started wondering whether I had proven my worth and was going to be put into one of the better classes. I knew I was at least a level higher than the class I went through last week, but I still fretted that my efforts were not shown through that Shuffle Test.

As I arrived at school, I immediately went to the notice board. My name, my name, where's my name? Ah! Found it! I'm in... classroom 201. Wait, classroom 201? But that's the same class I was in last week, is this the outdated list?...Hmm, my classmates of last week seemed to have to moved to different classrooms, so I guess this must be the right list. What level is this class, I wonder.. E3? E3? I scanned the other classes and found to my disappointment that there are five classes: E1, E2, E3, F1 and F2. I knew that morning classes, which were advanced, started with A. But classes A to D are all in the morning? I don't know how many classes there are to each level though, I assured myself. Maybe it's not that far. But still, back to my own class, E3? The last of the E's? But, how, why, I know my basics of the language. ><

I went up to classroom 201 and stopped at its door, looking at another list pasted on it, the outdated one. I gave a little sigh as I entered, and saw three of my previous classmates in the classroom, while the rest was filled with faces that was only familiar to me as the faces of the people I sometimes pass by on the stairs. I decided to sit at a different table than the one I sat at the whole of last week, next to a Taiwanese who appears to be a boy, but can most definitely pass as a girl, or a tomboy girl. (Actually, I'm not sure myself. :x He's cool though, I like him.)

Class continued from lessons of the week before, but there was something different. It's like, everyone in that class could catch up and pick things up more quickly than my previous class. Everyone understood, everyone knew what was going on. But I couldn't quite grasp it; the lessons were conducted just like last week's, why does the setting feel so different?

And then, it dawned on me; the Shuffle Test wasn't a test to see how much Japanese you knew, not really. It was to see your study pace, and your ability to catch up and learn. It's putting the same type of people with you so that you are able to excel at an optimum pace. And I found that I enjoyed that. It was easier to communicate and inquire among my new fellow classmates about a lesson. E3 was a class that was at the same level as E2. E1 is a little bit more advanced, and is using the second textbook, the sequel to the one we were given at the start of last week. So, with all things considered, I'm in the second highest class of afternoon classes.

I won't say that it doesn't matter that I'm still going through stuff I've learned before. It matters a lot, and it can be considered time-wasting. But everyone has their pace, and the classes have been set up according to that. Kawano-sensei (who is still my sensei since I'm still a student of her classroom) informed us that the higher classes are going through lessons like the Shinkansen, the Bullet Train. As it is, A classes have a test every two days. The school has decided that my pace is this, and I have to agree with it. It's still fast (Kawano-sensei called it "high speed") and I estimate that we'll manage to finish the whole textbook in just two months. I think this will strengthen my basics, and make it easier for me to cope with the higher class if I manage to enter it, which I hope to do.

Next Shuffle Test is in three months. I will know more kanji by then, believe it.

EDIT: I just realised that kanji studies actually starts at the level I'm at now. Not yet though.
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テストがおわります!The test is over!

I really do love having the internet.

I realise that I tend to pile up my dishes and clothes that need to be ironed, but I've not slacked in my laundry. You could hardly find dirty clothes in my room. Why? I'm not sure. I guess there's just no space for dirty clothes that I would wash them as soon as I deem them dirty and unfit for the outside world. But dirty dishes, well, they go into the sink. But I don't do them immediately. Because, well, they're in the sink. They're not actually in the way. What about need-ironing clothes then, they should be taking up space, yeah? True, they do. If I take them off the hangers. But~ I could actually just sorta leave them on the hangers, see. I am hopeless.

Food has become more of a necessity than anything. Being the illogically lazy person that I am, cooking is most definitely considered a chore in my eyes, and the less cooking, the better. I've never really been able to taste whether or not a dish is delicious or not (salt always needs to be added it seems) and the only food-y smell that would captivate me and make me melt on the spot is the smell of freshly-baked bread. <3 Can never get enough of it. I love passing by the bakery. But you know, I have a feeling I would welcome home-cooked food (which is in now way like mine) in a sort of greedy-enthusiastic way.

Oh the test! Haha, I had actually forgotten that I wanted to add it into this entry. The test was difficult. ;_; But I'm glad I spent those hours studying my kanji. At the very least, I could answer more than half of the kanji-related questions. Some kanji that came up in the test I have yet to study (they were not included in the workbook which I finished the day before the exam), and some kanji I couldn't for the life of me remember how to write them. >< It's a lot more difficult remembering how to write them than to read them, because in reading, I could always guess, especially if it's connected to the hiragana that comes after it. I tried to write them though. And I rechecked my notes right after. Hopefully, they were correct. Another two parts of the test included grammar (and they had some kanji in the question >_>) and a comprehension paper (read the passage and answer the questions). Those were doable. Some left before sitting for all three parts, because if you feel that you couldn't do the paper any longer, you could go home. I was never going to do that, even if I couldn't answer the questions. >< I would at least try. I'm excited for tomorrow; hopefully, I'll be in a new class! At a level that's a little higher, that'd be good.

Gonna take a break from studying tonight I think. Maybe a little revision, and then I feel like drawing.
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Internet is LIFE

It's like getting a new toy every time. I think I'll always be excited to have internet connection. Mine mine mine mine mine mine mine mine mine mine mine mine mine mine mine mine mine mine mine mine mine mine mine mine mine mine mine mine. (Think seagulls of Finding Nemo.)

Things that would be good for me right now!

#1: One of those spiffy electronic Japanese <-> English dictionary. I will be at it like a gamer on their PSP or DS. I swear it. I could look up so many things, gasp.

#2: An .mp3 player, or some kind of music player. Not to say that I'm always listening to music, it's more of a companion thing. Loud noise in my ears just provides a sort of reassurance for me. Like how the sound of the train going next to my apartment building sort of comforts me. THERE IS LIFE OUT THERE, I AM NOT ALONE D: (Nah, I'm kidding. xD)

#3: A fluffy pillow. I wake up with an aching body sometimes, and I suspect my pillow. *suspects pillow*

#4: My mummy's cooking. ;_;

#5: MONEY. For various purposes. ;) (This is a joke. But in all seriousness, who doesn't think that money would good for them anytime? I definitely won't waste it.)

#5v2: This baby: MacBook Pro! Ok, well, maybe it won't be good for me now, but it'll definitely be awesome to have, especially once I'm actually doing graphics. A 17-inch would be sweet. IMAGINE THE PWETTY COLOURS. (But the price is scary. :x)

#6: A long hot shower. A looooooooong hot shower. Looooooooooooooooong, I say.

It must be mentioned that I was only being properly serious for items #1 and #2. And maybe even #5v2. ...And maybe #5. I still would love the rest I've listed down though.

EDIT: Kushieda has alerted me that items #1 and #2 can be GASP COMBINED INTO ONE AWESOME GADGET called THE IPOD TOUCH. I WAAAAANT.

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Tokyo Typhooooooon!

So, not sure what the news says, cause they're speaking Japanese :/, but on Wednesday, my class teacher told me of a typhoon approaching Tokyo, and that we get a typhoon day off of school on Thursday. So I got home and looked it up: Strong Typhoon Melor drenches central Japan. Scary stuff, I thought. ><

So Thursday morning, as I awoke, I could see that a strong wind was blowing outside, and was menacingly shaking the partition outside my room. I did get a bit scared, but nothing seemed to be flying about. I could still hear the train going next to my apartment building, and I could see a few cars driving up and down the road. I stayed in my bed under my blanket though, and fell back asleep soon after. I was tired from the day before. ^^"

At noon, I awoke again, and the wind seemed to blow only occasionally, and the sun was shining brightly. I received a call from the bank to inform me that my ATM card was ready and that I could pick it up anytime till November. I slowly started to bustle about my room, contemplating whether it would be alright for me to step out and head to the bank that very day. Well, the sun was shining brightly. And the wind was only occasional. It wasn't raining either, like the past few days had been.

So after a quick shower, I headed out to the bank. It was a warm day. And all was good. So I started wondering just how bad the typhoon had been.

Went to school the next day, and the day seemed clear. Not too warm, but it wasn't raining. Got to class, and the teacher told us that, even though students got the day off, she still had to go to work. She told us how, on her way to school, heading towards Tokyo, the train had stopped and she was stuck in it. And that, when she arrived at school, the class was flooded, and that the rain seemed to have come from the sides of the wall rather than from the ceiling above.

I hadn't had internet since Thursday, so I couldn't update myself and let my family know I was alright. But even then, I didn't think the typhoon was that worrying since the weather at my place seemed alright. I received a call (whilst I was in class) and an SMS (which I couldn't reply to :<) from my dad asking me whether I was alright and that they heard from the news just how terrible the typhoon was. I really couldn't fathom how terrible it could've been because I haven't felt anything disastrous. He called me up again last night and after a short chat, he wished me well and hung up.

I awoke to an incredibly bright Saturday, with no sign or indication that anything short of a typhoon had hit it. And then, I read the news report on BBC: Typhoon lashes Japan on landfall.

^That. Is pretty terrible.

"Tens of thousands of households were without electricity in western Mie and central Gifu prefectures, while a blackout also hit 3,500 households in Tokyo and in neighbouring Kanagawa, power companies said. "

Kanagawa is where I'm at. :x I am very very very appreciative of the fact that I did not get the worst end of that typhoon.

Here's to the people who were wondering: I'm alright! o/
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Day 1 of Japanese Language School

They still haven't properly assigned us our classes yet I think; I just spent 3 hours and 45 minutes today learning what I started learning 3 years ago. There is another level-check test I believe, next Tuesday, which determines the class we will be in for the next 6 months, starting next Wednesday. I don't intend to be stuck learning what I already know, so I'm going to do my best! (Haha, sounded so cheesy.)

I should probably mention, my sister made me a Twitter account so that I "could update myself" and she "could follow me!". It's alright, I don't mind it. It's much better than Facebook in my opinion. So, for one-liner updates, you can check out but really, you don't have to. :/ They're probably just going to be updates of how tired I am, or how I actually managed to cook something edible.

Gonna make dinner now, and then a little revision, and then sleep. Super dead tired, I might even forego a shower. x_x
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私は、今、日本にいます。 I am now in Japan.

This feels almost surreal.

Packing seemed to take forever. I kept my bags open till the very last minute, just in case I had forgotten to put something in and if I did, I had to figure out where to fit it. As it is, I had forgotten the Swiss army knife my dad had given me to bring. :x Otherwise, I think I have with me now everything I had intended to bring. I cracked a bit at the very last minute of packing, with sudden tears streaming down, and I had to stop myself so that I can go back to thinking rationally and recall things I may have forgotten. We arrived at the airport Monday night with little time to spare for check-in, when my dad asked me whether I had the key to my bag. No, I didn't. It was incredibly idiotic of me to have forgotten, I knew exactly where in my room I had left it even. I could see the expression on my dad's face and I kept thinking to myself, "Great, I haven't even left, and I'm already messing up". Mum said I looked really pale as I waited for my aunt who came to visit before we left and was, fortunately, still at my house. She had to come now, we urged. Otherwise, I wouldn't be able to open 2 of my 3 bags. She managed to reach the airport in time, with awesome driving skills as she managed it in the least amount of time it would logically take. And off the plane went, with me, my mum and my dad, on the way to Japan.

As I got off the plane and stepped on the ground of the Land of the Rising Sun, I didn't feel any different. This might have been because as I reached, we were frantically looking for Takayuki-san, who was supposed to be waiting for my arrival to take me to my apartment. After perhaps half an hour, we managed to call his Japanese cell from my mum's Malaysian cell. He said that my place was a 10-minute walk from the station, so we agreed to walk, but we hadn't taken into consideration my heavy bags. Heavy that they are, because I packed for a life, compared to my parents' bags, which passed as hand luggages, and were packed for a trip. Panting heavily, we reached my place, which didn't look like much from the outside, and when we got to my room, it was not furnished yet. 4 in the afternoon, he said. At the time, it was probably just past 12. So, we decided to head to the hotel my parents would be staying in. Which was back at the station, where we came from. But it's alright, he says. If you like, we could go further ahead to another station and take the train back to the station we were at. Well, alright then. Reached the hotel and we all slept.

Past 6 and we decided to check my room. We had told Takayuki-san to leave the apartment key at the hotel lobby, but when we asked the staff, it was not there. Called the guy, and he rechecked with his other colleague who was supposed to have done. Turns out he was right there with us in the hotel lobby, trying to get the staff to keep the key for us. We walked to my place again, and found a little cozy room all ready, and which space was maximised to the point that having my parents in the room was too much. That night however, I slept with my parents at their hotel room as it would be easier for me to get to my school the next day for a level-check interview from the hotel, and my parents would be following along to see the school I would be studying Japanese at. We all overslept due to exhaustion of travelling the next morning and arrived at the school, after much difficulty looking for it, half an hour late. But it was alright, there were people still waiting for their turn for an interview, and I knew that there were people who haven't arrived yet even. I was so tired from travelling though, that I couldn't process my Japanese at my normal speed that I felt a bit slow. Hopefully, it went well. The written test was the next day. After a night's sleep at my place (just to try it out whilst my parents are still here, and I did not sleep well for some reason), I managed to keep a leveled head and did the test as I understood it. I finished early and decided to get to my area ward office to register myself so that I could open a bank account. That day was a funny day indeed. Because it was the last day my parents would be around, I wanted to get the necessary things done as soon as possible, and that included, first and foremost, opening a bank account. But they needed me to be registered as a resident at the local ward office. Which was a chore to find, as my parents were directed to the ward office of another area and was misled. Believing it was the right place, they went back to the hotel, and my dad decided to look for the nearest mosque and find out whether they had a halal meat store around that area, leaving my mum at the hotel to rest. Because I finished early after the written test that day, I gave my mum a ring, hoping I could get my parents to come with me to get myself registered. My mum happily told me she could, in fact, show me the way, and we could have it done before dad gets back. So we went, and we found out it was the wrong one, and I was worried for my mum because she can't walk too much else her knees would start to hurt. But I had to push her, I'm so sorry Ma. ;_; We managed to get a temporary slip of my registration to open a bank account that day, and we nipped back to the hotel, got my dad who had gotten back, and went for a bank hunt. Which was not too bad despite the a-little-less-than-2 hours we had left before the banks closed, because the banks were all bunched together near the hotel. BUT. The first bank we went wouldn't accept the temporary slip, they needed the proper registration card AND even with that, I could only open the account after 6 months. 6 months? I would starve to death before that because I would have no money. I could've kept it with me, of course. For 6 months. Out in the open to be taken from vulnerable me. No way my dad was letting that happen if he could help it. So after much time wasted in the first bank, we asked where the next bank was and as we entered the second bank, we immediately asked about it, and they also said I had to stay here for at least 6 months before I would be able to open an account. I was getting worried (and a little mad) because I was told at the first bank that it was Japan law for a foreigner to have stayed at least 6 months before opening an account. We knew we had very little time left, so we quickly asked where the next bank was. Third time's the charm it seemed, as they happily told us we could open it today. I was deliriously happy. We were the last few to get out of the bank as it closed while we were there. Did some last minute shopping for household stuffs for me, back to the hotel, and I slept. Dead tired.

My parents left this morning at 7:10. I slept at their hotel last night so that I could walk them to the bus. I hugged them repeatedly until the very last minute before they boarded the bus that was headed towards the airport. I had the welcoming ceremony to attend to after that. That finished early as well, so I went back home, stopped by at the store for some more stuffs. Switched my laptop on and the neighbour's wireless was not password encrypted. So I'm here, typing out my story. I hope to get my own internet soon. I apologise for the lack of emotions, I'm just dead tired. I keep waiting for someone to open my door and ask me for something, like how everyone at home used to do (except my dad). I think I miss that already.